Hey! I am

Dante Rigoli


I am a Software Engineer and fourth-year university student in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently working at One Seven Tech, where I help build apps for startups. Passionate about tech and trying to make a difference. Always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Check my portfolio to see some of my work!


About Me

I started programming at the age of 16 and I was instantly hooked on the world of coding. I decided to join a bootcamp to expand my knowledge and learn new programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, and Laravel. With my newfound skills, I was able to create CuchaFinder, an app that helps animals find their forever homes by allowing users to adopt animals from every animal shelter in Buenos Aires.

When I turned 18, the pandemic hit the world, and I found myself working for Directorio Legislativo as a Jr. FullStack Developer. Fast-forward a couple of years, worked for a financial agency, a Software Factory and the biggest bank in Argentina.

Currently, I am working in the US at OneSeven Tech as a FullStack Engineer. In my role, I help build apps for industry-changing startups. I am happy to say that I am loving every minute of my work and am constantly learning new things.

On top of my work at OneSeven Tech, I am also working on some exciting blog and coding projects. Stay tuned for updates on my latest endeavors!


My Experience

OneSeven Tech
Santander Bank
Schweber Securities
Directorio Legislativo

FullStack Engineer @ OneSeven Tech

Oct 2022 - Present

I am currently working at OneSeven Tech as a FullStack Engineer. I wanted to work at a startup and outside of my country (and comfort zone), and this was the perfect opportunity for me. Working with new clients every month is a challenge, but it's also a great opportunity to learn new things.


My Tech Stack